Are all trees dangerous? That certainly is a good subject to discuss. Some people would do everything to keep their trees while others would rather remove a tree in their property rather than take care of it. Which one of them are you?

Tree Removal Timonium

Trees are the prettiest feature of every garden. They provide your home with cool shade, not to mention a striking picturesque look. When it’s hot, the best place to hang out is under that tree branch. But while we can enjoy thousands of advantages from having trees in our yard, it can’t be denied that trees may also be hazardous if not maintained properly.

A lot of people fail to understand that need for tree care until it falls on your house and damage it. That’s when they understand the danger but unfortunately, they also begin to think that removing the tree is far better than taking care of it.

So, you must take care of your trees and maintain a record of the trees ‘ health. This would make determining which tree would be a danger in the next heavy rains simple and effortless!

How to Be Safe Around Trees

If you want to keep your tree but still remain safe, some tips are listed below to help you achieve that. Follow these tips so you can make your surroundings safer for everybody.

1. Prevent planting trees in the fragile parts of your garden.

Assess your backyard before you go about planting trees. If you already have one, make sure that it is not planted in a spot that can possibly cause a problem in the future. If you think it is or if you’re not sure about it, consult with a trusted arborist.

2. Make sure the tree branches tree isn’t close to any structure or cable line.

There’s always that possibility wherein the branches may fall on your home. Worse, it could get on the wires and create drastic results, like fire. Regular tree trimming is important to make sure that these things won’t happen.

3. Remove dead limbs at once.

If you see dead limbs on your tree, remove them immediately. They may drop suddenly and unexpectedly when swayed by the breeze. Remove dead limbs immediately if you have kids that are fond of climbing trees.

4. Look for branches that are crossing or rubbing each other.

If you find branches such as these, prune them as necessary. Rubbing and crossing branches create weak spots on your tree. These branches will be an issue later on so you might want to address them now than later.

These are the tips that can help you with your tree maintenance task. However, if you still find that your tree is posing a danger even after you regularly care for it, then it may be time to call the experts in tree removal Timonium. However, it is best that you consult with an arborist first to determine if tree removal is really the solution to the problem or if there are other things that you can possibly do about it.