A maintenance is a must to have if ever you have a pet dog because they can help improve the life of the dog that you are taking care of. Not only can they improve the well-being of your pet but they can also help you be safer of the different germs and bacteria that your pet might carry every day. In this article we will talk about different ways in order to maintain our pet dog’s health and make them live longer and help us be safer around these pets. There are some cases in which we don’t have time for taking care of our pets, contacting the dog sitting agency is a great solution for that problem.

Dog Sitting

• Feeding and Keeping it Hydrated

Dogs need food and something to drink as like humans it helps them live day by day, if they are not feed properly there could be complications in the dog. When feeding food to the dog, it needs to be 90 percent dog food and 10 percent people food every day because people food might cause an imbalance of vitamins. A dog need water every day, you should provide your dog a half ounce to 1 ounce of a pound, a dog that weights 20 pounds should drink 20/10 ounces. So, food is a must for a dog to have as well as water because it is what keep it living day by day, without it, it could die young.

• Grooming and Handling the Animal

Grooming and handling the animal is also very important to do for a do as it is what keeps it healthy, away from germs and you not killing an animal. Grooming can help your dog reduce from shedding and it is also very important to get the fleas and tick daily if it’s hot outside, and properly bath your dog. Proper handling of the dog is also an important thing to do, you should put your hand in the dog’s chest, it being support by your hinds or other hand. So, grooming and handling the animal properly is a must for taking care of a dog because dogs it can help the dog feel better and not to be shredding hair everywhere.

• Identification and Habitat to Stay

Dog needs sleep and a proper habitat is a must to have for a dog, an identification is also a must for a dog to have if ever it’s lost. An identification is a must to have for a dog because they can get lost sometimes and you might not find the dog, you have something that identifies the dog. A proper place for the dog to stay is a must because it is where it lives and stay, without it the dog might die and get involve in fights. So, a place to stay that is clean and comfortable is a must for a dog and an identification is also a must to have for a dog to have.